My primary strengths as a career professional are meeting deadlines efficiently, prioritizing effectively and ensuring effective follow through. I am a stickler for details, which is something that has served me really well in delivering results of expected quality by clients. I manage time effectively as well, enabling me to constantly achieve exceptional levels of efficiency and productivity thanks to strategic planning and multitasking as well as smart prioritization.

I am proud to say I have a solid educational background, and this has allowed me to use it with my in-depth experience to create a veritable strong record of performance in my career. People have called me a highly valuable team member thanks to my flexibility, unwavering commitment to consistent quality results, openness to compromise and to communicate effectively. I am able to advance quickly to higher levels of responsibility, and this is aside from my being a loyal and dedicated professional.

I easily interact with others on all levels no matter the diversity in economic, social and cultural backgrounds. I have been able to move across all workplace boundaries, serving as the General Manager of my own company called Pathway Industries, LLC. I put up Pathway Industries in 2012 and I am proud to report that the firm has been able to provide services to the community and select clients geared toward the proper cleanup and disposal of their scrap steel. Serviced clients have enjoyed continued productivity and smooth running of their businesses because of our unique services.

Being the General Manager and owner of Pathway, I am required to oversee all business operations as well as to carry out project management functions in addition to the management of client relations. You might say I need to be everywhere all at once. Thankfully, I have worked with a team of individuals whom I believe are the best in what they do. Pathway Industries has assisted the community by providing advice and assistance on a variety of areas including telecommunications, project management, social media projects andpublic affairs.