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I currently share my home with a wonderful Labrador Retriever named Cady.  She was adopted at the age of 6 in 2016.  My labs are affectionately known as the 4-footed kids.

Gone but never forgotten are Casey and his mom Darby, Abbey and Tess.  

Casey was my first Labrador Retriever and my best buddy over the years.  He was a handsome boy who loved to retrieve ducks and was solid muscle from all of the swimming and running he did.  Loyal, caring, sweet, smart and tough and always ready to go.  Casey taught me so much about Labradors and that’s how my pack grew from one to four.

Darby was his mom but she didn’t come to live with me until she was around six years old.  A true sweetie and big love, she was fast with a kiss and loved to go for walks, swim, be petted and told she was a good girl.

Abbey has had the nickname of girlfriend since she was a puppy as she always curled up next to me with her head on my leg each evening.  

Tess was my goofy girl and her tail wagged non-stop if you as much as look at her or whisper her name.  

Both Abbey and Tess were the sweetest, most loving Labradors around, great duck dogs and well mannered.

All of my original four, 4-footed kids have traveled extensively with me to the six surrounding states during their lives and enjoy visiting new places.

Touchstone Darby – Darby (RIP)

Touchstones Sunshine Casey JH – Casey (RIP)

Dutch Hollow’s Steal A Heart – Abbey (RIP)

Dutch Hollows Cure The Blues JH – Tess (RIP)

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